An introduction to the analysis of scientology

Scientology believes that in the climb to a desirable state, there are current human limitations, including lack of confidence or competence, psychological and physical disabilities, and psychosomatic illness.

I make no claims regarding the neutrality of the statements and opinions presented here. Note also how no mention is made of the newsgroup alt. Scientology and the Legal System Scientology has earned a reputation for itself as one of the most litigous organizations in history: Chapter One The Purpose of Ethics In reading the first chapter, I have noticed a number of logical fallacies, many of which I have pointed out here.

Gordon Melton and David G. He or she speaks only in very broad generalities. Getting back to the paragraph from the first chapter, Hubbard is speaking of the human race as a generality only he speaks of it in the singular as "Man" rather than "Everybody".

Wilson described The Road to Total Freedom as "A thorough study of the early development and organization of Scientology".


Notice that he doesn't actually identify the police force; this is a fallacy of anonymous authority. He hated taxation with a vengeance and did everything in his power to keep his money away from the IRS, state and local tax collectors, as well as those in the many international locales where Scientology had a presence.

Hubbard is redefining the term to suit his own purposes, something which should be borne in mind whenever one encounters the word, either in a Scientology publication or document, or when talking to a Scientologist. Various chapters comment on Scientology's growth.

When asked "Who is everybody Without rigor or critical assessment, a book such as this one about a supposed new religious movement [NRM] risks becoming pro-NRM propaganda. Ron Hubbard's life is not contested, the LRH persona has been a subject of particularly intense debate.

Ignoring the redefined word, one would not be likely to find many people who state that they aren't in favor of a decent law; this is an appeal to motives rather than to actual support for his statement: CowanDavid G.

These letters sent to my university employers, colleagues and others, implicated me in a variety of acts from a homosexual love affair to spying for the drug squad. Ron Hubbard composed these 8 dynamics or drives, and they are as follows: Were I to emulate Andrew Milne here, I would probably point out that the recidivism rate in the US has risen since Hubbard started Scientology; however, that would lead to a post hoc fallacy.

This page also includes links to other organizations operated by Scientology, including school programs for children. Editor[ edit ] At the time of the book's publication, James R. I believe that Scientology is such a volatile, controversial, and polarizing subject that it is impossible to remain unbiased after you have experienced its actions first-hand.

Contact Scientology Financial Crime through the Years: Church critics have charged that many of the claims that Hubbard made about his own life and accomplishments are empirically false. Scientology as a religion began in and was based on the thoughts and teachings of L.

BromleyAnson ShupeJames T. Chapter One The Purpose of Ethics In reading the first chapter, I have noticed a number of logical fallacies, many of which I have pointed out here.

He wants to squash people who are giving him trouble. The War between Scientology and the Internet will be remembered as the year the battle between Scientology and its critics on the Internet became a full-scale war, with battles being fought in the real world as well as online.

And it is a very interesting fact that a far greater proportion of people in Scientology today favor a decent ethical law and favor ethics actions than have reacted against it, because they see that it will make things go right.

Scientology Financial Crime through the Years: an introduction to a new series

Ron Hubbardas given in two separate instances in the book by contributors J. Dianetic believes in going back and basically re-living these mental aberrations not literally, in the mind and this will cause the brain to eventually file the memory away as non-aberrative. He came up with the idea that all life is energy of some sort, and he asked: We are factually only here helping people to help themselves to better their conditions and the conditions of life.

Ron Hubbard "asserted the originality of the entire theory and practice and acknowledges having been influenced only in a most general way by other writers".

Man of course has a tremendous reaction to something called justice or what he laughingly calls justice. Having come across several Interpol reports that mentioned L.

The third part focuses on the "Community and Practices" of Scientology, while the fourth part, "Sources and Comparative Approaches", examines Scientology's religious claims.

Notice the sample group which he uses here, and remember what he has redefined "ethics" to mean. An Introduction to Scient has been added to your Cart Add to Cart. An Introduction to Scientology Self Analysis (English) L. Ron Hubbard. Find the answers with your curiosity, and the tickets with your money.

Our advanced research is presented in musical format for the most efficient transfer of. MORE ABOUT AN INTRODUCTION TO SCIENTOLOGY I have lived no cloistered life and hold in contempt the wise man who has not lived and the scholar who will not share.

There have been many wiser men than I, but few have traveled as much road.

Scientology Essay Examples

This item: Introduction to Scientology Ethics by L. Ron Hubbard Hardcover $ Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Sold by Repeat Readers and ships from Amazon tsfutbol.coms: Find the answers with your curiosity, and the tickets with your money.

Our advanced research is presented in musical format for the most efficient transfer of thetan-thetan knowledge. In a new edition of Introduction to Scientology Ethics was released, updated with these breakthroughs and enhanced with graphs and a comprehensive glossary.” These statements are pretty much a misnomer as the bulk of the information which was added had already been around for a .

An introduction to the analysis of scientology
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Scientology: An introduction to the media and Internet